The Promaestro Foundation’s podcast for those who, instead of cutting down jungles, irrigate deserts.”




Fundación Promaestro launches “No tenemos un plan”, an interview podcast hosted by Jorge Úbeda

The writer Clive Staples Lewis said that the task of the modern educator was not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.
We don’t have a plan (NTUP)
is the Promaestro Foundation’s podcast for those who water deserts: we explore the real stories of real teachers, with their hopes, doubts, challenges and triumphs. Through a series of interviews, Jorge Úbeda brings you closer to the daily life of teachers who collaborate, care and create knowledge. Reflect with us on education policy and learn first-hand about the situation of teachers in our country. Remember: We don’t have a plan… The plan is the teachers!

Each episode offers a unique perspective on the education system through discussions with leading professionals in the field of education. With a fresh and insightful approach, the podcast promises to give listeners valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities in education today. Through conversations and reflections, guests share their experiences, ideas and solutions to foster the exchange of knowledge in the field of education.
We don’t have a plan
is an indispensable source of information and analysis for those seeking to better understand an ever-changing educational landscape.

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