The evidence of education: nuevo currículo (Madrid, 2023).

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Research for pedagogical renovation (Valencia, 2023).

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Neural plasticity for teachers (Zaragoza, 2023).

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The evidence of education

Lectures, webinars and videos for evidence-driven education

Fundación Promaestro carries The evidence of education to all of Spain, with the aim of bringing teachers and the entire educational community closer to the latest findings of scientific research in education and related areas. Through workshops and presentations, an outstanding group of experts and professionals in the educational field present the empirical evidence that supports different claims, practices and methodologies. Thanks to
The evidence of education
scientific knowledge is really put at the service of day-to-day life in the classroom.

Evidence, issues and resources

What evidence exists on the use of technology in the classroom? What about bilingual education programs? What are the main reading difficulties and how can we prevent them? What does scientific research tell us about motivation and learning? How can we effectively promote innovation in schools? How does neuroscience contribute to inclusive pedagogical practice? In what context and under what conditions does Project Based Learning work?

Enter the chronicles of each face-to-face edition and of each #PruebasEDU webinar held, download the materials and discover the answers to these and many other questions.

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