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Report of meetings between teachers

Listening to the voice of teachers

The meetings between teachers were spaces designed to reflect on professional development, share educational practice and broaden the horizons of education. In 2015, we gathered teachers from all levels in Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia and Seville to ask them what elements strengthened and what elements weakened their profession. In 2016, we were in Madrid, Barcelona (with the collaboration of CDL) and Seville (with the collaboration of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Seville), with more than 60 teachers: we talked about educational innovation, teacher training and relations with students and families. Here you can download the report that collects and systematizes the research conducted in these focus groups, with the results, findings and recommendations that emerged from these meetings.

Thank you very much, teachers!

  • Jorge Úbeda and Macarena Verástegui explain what teachers count in 2 minutes.
  • In our blog you can read the chronicles of the meetings that our local collaborators (thanks Anna, Monica and Jesus!) have written.

Chronicles of the meetings

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