Happy You Should Day

We do not believe in infallible recipes or magic potions. We don’t even know what to do to reach an agreement…

But we are clear about one thing: we can only improve by giving teachers a voice.”

Happy World Teachers’ Day. Happy You Should Day!

At Fundación Promaestro we work so that teachers are recognized in the peculiarity and specificity of their profession, the most relevant in the educational system. Teachers and professors need us; not to tell them how to do their work, but to accompany and support them. Because we all have a teacher inside us, but not all of us are, nor can be, teachers.

Share this short film and defend teachers on World Teachers’ Day.

#HappyYouShouldDay | Wednesday, October 5, 2016 | #WorldTeachersDay campaign.

The #HappyYouShouldDay campaign in the press and media

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