Our Mission

Fundación Promaestro isa private, non-profit, non-denominational and independent entity established in 2014 with the purpose of strengthening the teaching profession. We defend an inclusive, equitable and quality school and work to foster a culture that promotes and recognizes teachers as the professionals they are and without whom it is impossible to improve education.

The projects we develop, both inside and outside schools, include consultancy and research work, communication campaigns and educational intervention programs.

The Promaestro Foundation is…

With teachers, for education

The educational landscape

For inclusive, equitable and quality education

The education that young people receive today is, thanks to the collective effort of teachers, educators, families and politicians, much better than what their parents and grandparents received. In just three decades we have reached milestones that have enabled us to overcome centuries of backwardness. The main ones, the full literacy of society and the schooling of all children under 16 years of age.

But the challenges of the 21st century are different from those of the past and now it is no longer simply a matter of going to school; now we must be concerned about what each child achieves once inside; now we must strive for inclusive, equitable and quality education for all, everywhere and regardless of socio-economic background (Sustainable Development Goal 4).

Some basic data

For this reason, we at Fundación Promaestro would like to share some basic data to find out how things are going in our educational system: what barriers need to be eliminated, what threats to combat, what paths to follow, what relationships to take care of and, perhaps most importantly, who we can trust. Click on each image to enlarge and discover the educational landscape in which we move…

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