“TFundación Promaestro was born from the meeting, conversation and commitment of some friends who met in a school classroom. Its aim is to encourage, support, stimulate and recognize teachers.”


Joaquín García-Quirós (Madrid, 1964)

President of the Foundation
  • Industrial Engineer (Cornell University). MBA (IESE, Barcelona). Student of the School of Philosophy of Madrid (2007-2010). He began his professional career at Alcatel as an industrial engineer. He subsequently joined Banco de Crédito Oficial (ICO) as investment manager. He joined Grupo Cortefiel as a director in 1985 and was Secretary of the Board of Directors of that group until 2005.
  • He is currently the natural person representative of Saarema Inversiones S.A. and president of Eunate Real Estate S.A.
  • Member of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Lealtad.

Philippine González-Camino (Madrid, 1972)

Patron of the Foundation
  • PhD in Information Sciences (UCM). Alumna of the School of Philosophy of Madrid. (2007-2011)
  • She has worked at Fundación Lealtad in the Communications Department and at Benavides y Camino. She is currently editorial director of Editorial La Huerta Grande and partner of the bookstore “los editores”.
  • As a writer she is the author of poems and short stories and has published the following titles: Belmanso (Editorial Plataforma, 2012), Rehenes ( Bubok Editorial, 2014), winner of the VI Premio de Creación Literaria Bubok, Diez lunas blancas (Elba, 2017).

Ana Berástegui (Madrid, 1976)

President of the Foundation
  • D. in Psychology from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas de Madrid (Extraordinary award for degree and doctorate).
  • Expert in international adoption and in issues related to psychosocial, family, racial and cultural adaptation of children and their families. He has directed several public and private projects and coordinated the Adoption Network, which brings together researchers from all over Spain in the field of adoption. He has published seven books on this issue and dozens of articles, making him an international reference.
  • She currently works at the University Institute of the Family at Comillas Pontifical University as technical secretary and is a professor in the Department of Psychology. Co-author and team member of Primera Alianza: an intervention, training, social innovation and research project that seeks to strengthen the socioemotional development of children at risk through innovative work with their families.
  • Since 2012 she has directed the Chair of Family and Disability: Telefónica-Fundación Repsol-Down Madrid, from which she delves into the role of the family in the life cycle of people with intellectual disabilities and directs the DEMOS programs for employment training and university inclusion of young people with intellectual disabilities.

Jorge Úbeda (Madrid, 1975)

Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Director of the Foundation
  • D. in Philosophy (extraordinary degree and doctorate award) from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.
  • Associate Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has been a teacher in Secondary and High School and professor in the Master of Finance and Human Resources at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles and at the Centro de Estudios Garrigues.
  • For two years he was coordinator and professor of the Honors Program “Ethics and Global Citizenship” organized by TEC de Monterrey and Centro de Estudios Garrigues. Co-founder, academic director and professor at the School of Philosophy (Madrid) from 2004-2013, and director of the Dontknow School of Life of the social network Digital Dontknow.net. (Elba, 2017).
  • He has published three books: La infancia y el filósofo ( 2012), Manual para ignorantes ( 2015) and Ética humana (2016), and a dozen articles in specialized journals.

Our vision

  • We promote a culture that values teachers and professors in all those aspects of their professional identity that make them irreplaceable.
  • We believe that it is essential for teachers to be recognized in the peculiarity and specificity of their profession.
  • We believe that being a teacher is not just a job, but a true vocation that responds to the human need to learn.
  • We recognize teachers as a professional  force whose voice must be heard and respected in the educational framework and in society as a whole.
  • We recall that the work of teachers makes possible the social development and equity of the system.
  • We offer meeting spaces in which teachers and professors can recognize themselves as good professionals, sharing their educational practice and broadening the horizons of education.
  • We assume the strengthening of the teaching profession as our strategic vision and we commit to it as a non-profit entity fully devoted to its purposes and beneficiaries.
  • We believe that professional development is essential for improving the quality of educational systems, providing better attention to students, and coordinating educational centers, families, and society.
  • We advocate the need to pass on to society the knowledge and professional strengthening work of teachers in order to achieve the social recognition they deserve and which they need for an optimally developed performance.
  • Fundación Promaestro is with the Teachers, for Education. Only with teachers can we continue to improve the education that new generations of students need. They, who walk through the classrooms of all the schools during the decisive years of their lives, are the main beneficiaries of the Foundation’s activities.