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If you press the button, two things will happen…”

At Fundación Promaestro we believe that teaching knowledge is key to designing and promoting good policies aimed at achieving inclusive, equitable and quality education.

Teachers ask themselves every day what they have to do to get each and every one of their students to learn. They want the best for all of them. For this reason, any teacher immediately recognizes the false dilemma posed by the short film ‘Choose Education’: the best education will never be one that privileges some children over others.

But the education gap has been exacerbated by the pandemic and the threat to millions of students is real. Only by listening to teachers can we successfully combat it. We have to incorporate their voice into the public debate, support them with sufficient means and give them confidence and security. So that all children learn.

Society cannot leave anyone behind. Teachers know it

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“Eligen educación” and the following teachers and professionals in the educational and cultural fields support this action:

Elena Martín Ortega, Álvaro Marchesi, Elvira Lindo, Gregorio Luri, Carmen Pellicer, José Luis Villacañas, José Sánchez Tortosa, Luis Alegre, Josefina Cambra, José María Lassalle, Eduardo Madina, Toni Roldán, Marta Ferrero, Jesús Manso, Lucas Gortazar, Ainara Zubillaga, Álvaro Ferrer, Fátima García Doval, Fernando Mardones Morales, Miriam Campos Leirós, Toni Solano, Gregorio Casado, Ismael Sanz, Arantxa Ribot, Carlos Gallego, Ana Hernández Revuelta, Gonzalo Fanjul and Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias, among others.

#ChooseEducation | Monday, October 5, 2020 | #WorldTeacherDay campaign.

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